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BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 12


Ships: 1 Week
For: Apple iPhone 12
Clear Nano Glass

BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 12

Tempered Nano Glass AirGlass®, exclusively offered by BROTECT®

It’s 2x thinner and lighter than other tempered glass protectors and more flexible than all other glass protectors on the market, while still offering super strong anti-scratch hardness of thicker tempered screen protectors.

Its Ultra-Light properties and High-Transparency ensure you have a clear, unobstructed, sharp view of the display, while maintaining touch-screen and multi-touch sensitivity.

An additional Anti-Fingerprint layer helps prevent dirt and fingerprint smears. The adhesive layer ensures that the screen protector glides smoothly and effortlessly onto your Apple iPhone 12 for a bubble-free, easy installation.

Please note: Because of the curved edges of some displays, some of our protectors are cut deliberately slightly smaller than the display.

Ships with:

  • BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 12
  • Application Kit (Polishing Cloth/Alcohol Wipe/Aligning Kit)
  • Application Instructions

Apply your screen protector

Step 1

Thoroughly clean your device using the included alcohol wipe, make sure there are no smears, dust or particles on the display.

Step 2

Peel any backing layers off your screen protector. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side of your screen protector.

Step 3

Carefully align your screen protector on your device. Apply gentle pressure to adhese your Screen Protector.

Step 4

Using the included polishing cloth, thoroughly polish the front of your sceen protector to remove any air bubbles.