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6x Savvies® SU75 Screen Protector for Samsung CLX-4195FW


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Premium Film
For: Samsung CLX-4195FW

6x Savvies® SU75 Screen Protector for Samsung CLX-4195FW

Savvies® SU75 UltraClear Screen Protector is the invisible and reliable protection against scratches for your Samsung CLX-4195FW.

High Transparency
The high transparency of this screen protector ensures clarity and sharpness of your display while maintaining vivid colors.

Touch screen compatibility
This screen protector preserves the original touch experience of your device, including support for multi-touch displays.

Excellent Adhesion
A unique silicon based adhesive provides easy installation and hassle free adhesion.

Please note: Because of the curved edges of some displays, some of our protectors are cut deliberately slightly smaller than the display.

Ships With:

  • 6x Savvies® SU75 Screen Protector for Samsung CLX-4195FW
  • Application Kit (Polishing Cloth/Alcohol Wipe/Aligning Kit)
  • Application Instructions

Apply your screen protector

Step 1

Thoroughly clean your device using the included alcohol wipe, make sure there are no smears, dust or particles on the display.

Step 2

Peel any backing layers off your screen protector. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side of your screen protector.

Step 3

Carefully align your screen protector on your device. Apply gentle pressure to adhese your Screen Protector.

Step 4

Using the included polishing cloth, thoroughly polish the front of your sceen protector to remove any air bubbles.