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3M Privacy Filter for Acer A191HQb


Ships: 3-7 Business Days
For: Acer A191HQb
3M Privacy Filter
Black Surface
Privacy protection starts at 30°

3M Privacy Filter for Acer A191HQb

3M Privacy Filter for Acer A191HQb protect the data on your screen while you are working on private documents in public places.

A privacy filter is a complex piece of plastic based on microlouver technology from The finest black, non-reflecting louvers are positioned to 1-degree precision, with over a dozen louvers per millimetre, and then evenly distributed over the dimensions of a screen.

Outfitting a laptop for mobile display security takes only a few minutes and is possible for almost all types of screens. The filter is fastened to the laptop with small mounting clips, can remain on the laptop during transport and can be removed or reinstalled at any time. It also protects the display against damage from the keyboard.

Ships with:

  • 3M Privacy Filter for Acer A191HQb
  • Attachment Strips
  • Set Slide Mounts
  • Installation Instructions

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about bulk purchases of this product.

3M Privacy Filter

Apply your screen protector

Step 1

Thoroughly clean your device using the included alcohol wipe, make sure there are no smears, dust or particles on the display.

Step 2

Peel any backing layers off your screen protector. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side of your screen protector.

Step 3

Carefully align your screen protector on your device. Apply gentle pressure to adhese your Screen Protector.

Step 4

Using the included polishing cloth, thoroughly polish the front of your sceen protector to remove any air bubbles.