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What does Intrinsically Safe mean?

In the constantly evolving international world of technology, protection stays a top concern among engineers at some stage in development. Whether it’s a sensor for your car, your son’s hand held video game, or a surgically implanted medical device in your aged neighbor, we need assurances that our products are intrinsically secure (IS) for the duration of use.

This is in particular important with regard to electronics used in already risky conditions. Atmospheres in mines, chemical plants, processing mills, tankers, and oil refineries can incorporate extremely hazardous environments that depend on intrinsically safe equipment to keep workers from harm’s way.

So, what does ‘Intrinsically Safe’ mean?

Basically, intrinsically secure electronics allow for secure operation in hazardous regions by way of limiting the electric or thermal electricity available for ignition. Common industrial system like motor brushes and switches are at risk of:

  • Internal sparks
  • Overheating
  • Short-circuiting

By simplifying the circuitry, controlling internal temperatures, and adjusting additives to reduce dust-prompted shorts, this device protects workers from a number of threats.

How does it work?

Fundamentally, intrinsic safety is a low-electricitytechniquein which the current, voltage, and strength is decreased to a stage too low to cause ignition. Generally, the maximumlevel of energy available is much less than 1.3W.

Additionally, most temperature ought to be controlled, and most of the six instructions used to outline temperature levels, electronics assembly the T4 designation are taken into consideration IS. This is due to the fact at this stage, temperatures won’t exceed one hundred thirty fivelevels C (275 degrees F).

Which electronics apply?

Many electronics can be found in intrinsically safe forms. These include:

  • Radios
  • Mobile phones
  • Cameras
  • Gas detectors
  • Even flashlights!

Why is an intrinsically safe device vital in these merchandise? Simply put, lives rely on it.

Communications inner a mine are necessary to the safety of the workers, and failure of thoselines could result in an accident. Electronics used in environments producing flammable gases like hydrogen and propane can’t have a risk of sparking or overheating, or an explosion is imminent.

Intrinsically Safe vs. Explosion proof

Explosion-proof products are able to containing an explosion inside an enclosure. It will hold flames or hot gases from escaping the housing. The term “explosion-proof” does not suggest the product is capable of withstanding robust external forces.

Intrinsically safe electronics obtain their classification because they’re low-strength enough that they may notmotive an explosion in the first place.